Keeping the floor clean starts at the entrance. A good course area keeps dirt from getting in. This contributes enormously to keeping maintenance costs down and increases the durability of the floor.

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance keeps the floor in good condition.
  • First cleaning should be 48 hours after installation. Once dry the floor is ready for use.
  • Remove loose dirt with a vacuum cleaner or floor wiper.
  • Mop floors with a well-wrung mop. Micro fibre pads are recommended. Use ph-neutral detergents or any other detergent suitable for pvc floors that doesn’t leave a film.
  • Do not use oily substances or oil solutions.
  • Regularly take fresh water to avoid stripes and residue of dirt.
  • Do not leave puddles on the floor, mop them up immediately.
  • Put felt pads under the legs of chairs and other furniture.