Earth & future children
The management of TFD feels a strong connection with nature and society. This is reflected in the production of our products, as we opt for pure raw materials (that are Phthalate free, among other things). The fact that we care about fellow human beings is clearly reflected in our concern for the working conditions of all concerned. This is how we want to contribute to society in the both the short and long term.


Production process
TFD has opted for a production process in which sustainability, safety, public health and the environment take centre stage. By opting for this production process and safeguarding the quality of our products, they comply with:
• DiBt Ü-Zeichen certificate
• CE-certification TÜV Rheinland


TFD products consist purely out of so-called Virgin PVCs, i.e. top quality PVCs, pure and not contaminated with inferior qualities of PVC. This among other things means that they can be pulverized and recycled and used to create a different product. We have allowed ourselves to be inspired in this by “the blue economy”. In the short/medium term we hope to be able to link a specific name/product to this.


We actively focus on energy efficiency and actively steer towards reducing the consumption of electricity and gas. Whenever we expand or replace our fleet of (lease) cars we also take the energy class of the vehicles into account.