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  • strips
    for a special effect

    Product specifications

    • Total thickness 2,5/3,0 mm
    • Sizes 0,3 x 91.4
    • content per Unit

    Laat je verder inspireren

    Would you like to easily maintain your PVC floor? Then we can offer you a special TFD Cleaner!

    The sub-floor for your PVC floor! The LVT FIX 1.8 helps to create an even foundation, whereby levelling is no longer necessary.

    Are you looking for a roller adhesive to firmly glue your PVC floor to the sub-floor? Then TFD has developed a special roller adhesive for you! This applies to existing (levelled) concrete floors as well as sub-floors.


    TFD Floortile is able to offer you 4 great strips. These strips are used to fill the joints between planks. This adds a nice feeling of depth and highlights the PVC floor.

    The strips are available in black, grey, silver and brown.