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    Innovative Register collection

    The Innovative Register collection by TFD contains magnetic floors which are characterised by their natural appearance. The structure of this PVC floor collection can barely be distinguished from natural materials. This is because a special technique has been used for these planks, namely Register Embossing. This involves giving the top layer a structure which is identical to the design drawing. As a result, you can see and feel the relief as if it was a real wood floor. Every grain and knot of the design can be witnessed in the structure of the Innovative Register planks.

    These design are also available in the dryback Style Register collection of TFD Floortile.

    The Innovative Register collection features magnetic floors

    TFD is always trying to be innovative. This is demonstrated by our magnetic collections. Thanks to this unique magnetic floor system, floors can be simply installed in any space once a magnetic film has been applied.

    The magnetic collections offer effective resistance against intensive use. They are also easy to uninstall, which means floors can easily be moved to another location. The magnetic collections are available in various Register or Stone designs. The Innovative Register collection is characterised by a visible and tangible natural wood structure, and the Innovative Stone collection has an authentic natural stone appearance.


    Natural TFD

    Sustainability, safety, public health and the environment are given the very highest priority at TFD Floortile.

    As a result, TFD only supplies completely safe PVC floors featuring the required safety certificates (DiBt Ü-Zeichen certificate & CE certification from TÜV Rheinland), which means they comply with the strictest norms.

    All our floors are made using Virgin PVC’s. They are pure, high-grade PVC’s which have not been mixed with lower grade PVC’s. These PVC floors can thus be recycled.

    All our PVC floors are produced without using phthalates as plasticisers. Instead, we have opted for alternatives that have proven to be safe for public health and the environment.


    TFD floors are a conscious decision

    • Easy to maintain
    • 100% recyclable
    • Phthalate-free plasticisers
    • Moisture and dirt resistant
    • Noise-reducing
    • Anti-allergic
    • Hard-wearing
    • Suitable for under-floor heating and cooling
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