The history of TFD:

During a conversation with the founders Monique and Rob Toonen, we looked into their history, their motivation and their ambitions.
A tour of their house in Dalfsen soon revealed that they are completely rooted there in an oasis of green, surrounded by dogs, horses, doves, ducks, rabbits and koi carp.  It soon became obvious that many of the animals were saved by Rob and Monique from precarious situations and that they had dragged the sometimes heavily abused animals from the gutter to give them a better life. According to Monique, “Animals are very honest, they do not have hidden motives. I can really find tranquillity when I am with my horse Robin. Being down to earth, very basic, gives peace and quiet and inspiration. With nature at heart, one can work from one’s inner feelings.“  

How did it all begin?
In the early days, Rob and Monique both had a job and at the same time Monique obtained the papers required for Rob to start his own floor laying company. In the meantime, Rob has gained a lot of knowledge and experience from around the world and has become a very sophisticated craftsman. In fact, he can make anything; nothing is impossible. Monique started working on the floor, too and they implemented many difficult projects with that attitude. Rob: “after doing a job, I often came home with new ideas, of which many ended up in the kitchen drawer, but when I presented the PVC product, Monique saw its potential. And we know, as no other, what the end user wants; decorative, beautiful, but most importantly, practical ease”. Rob’s imagination to come up with even nicer and more practical solutions is a form of creativity. Together, they offer 50 years worth of craftsmanship which is evident in their business!

The challenge

Why PVC?
At the time the PVC planks was presented, an invitation arrived to join a study group on a trip to Domotex Asia in China; that could not have been a coincidence. The fondness for PVC was related to the practical and positive experiences in processing it. ’A number of people in the trade joined the trip and one day we turned left where the others turned right. At the time, business was good.’

The first container with PVC arrived in 2005. The barn on their premises became the warehouse, but soon it was too small. In the meantime, as of 2011, splendid company premises are being used in Dalfsen.  

Ambitions for growth and sustainability
A lot is invested in the company and in new outlets. The European market has not been completely covered yet with TFD floors. The challenge in other countries awaits and is within reach. We have a firm grip on the production, whereby we also take working conditions into consideration during production. No child labour and a pleasant and clean working environment.  ’Therefore we avoid the risky game between price busters and delivering poor quality. We are able to ensure our quality guarantee. We only do something if it is good, otherwise we don’t touch it’. This makes TFD progressive and 100% reliable.

’The belief is to cause as little damage as possible to the environment, after all we love nature. A primary target for the future is to recycle the products completely, and to the extent it is possible, to pursue the cradle-to-cradle concept.’

A family business in heart and soul
TFD is a proud family business founded by Rob and Monique Toonen. They have devoted themselves with heart and soul and feel connected with their clients.

Flooring is their area of expertise, but their deepest entrepreneurial drive is to work together with clients, producers and staff.

With all the ambitions that lie ahead, a lot is going on at TFD. What will it all lead to? ’We are striving for a happy life together. There are no musts, apart from the fact that most of what we do should be enjoyable.’

When it comes to the continuation of the company, TFD has other ambitions, too: ’Perfect laying of flooring is a highly skilled business. We have noticed that there are not many young people who have the required skills. We are already planning to set up our own training course.’ It’s in the genes, because both Rob and his son regularly train interior decorators. ’We are a little stubborn on how to do things at times, but with our many years of experience laying flooring, that is excusable.’

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