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    Colours determine the ideal learning environment

    There is no doubt that colour and design play an important role when creating the ideal learning environment.

    TFD can help you to find the right colours and designs. TFD is the ideal choice because we offer floors in suitable colours and designs, which are also easy to maintain. The design of a floor has an impact on the whole room. Teaching professionals are perfectly placed to judge; blue makes pupils alert and lively, while red leads to strong emotions.

    Our designers also take such factors into account when it comes to floors for learning institutions. Nice, warm wooden decors, and fresh stone decors, help to create authentic and/or sleek spaces; exactly what modern schools are looking to achieve.

    Besides design, quality is also very important. Our production activities are based on the hot press method, which offers various advantages, like not having to use glass fleece to keep our products stable. Another major advantage is that you can work with a matt top layer, which means the floor does not become too shiny. After all, isn’t that what we want to avoid in schools?

    Are you looking for modern, sustainable, functional, versatile and strong PVC strips? Make an appointment with one of our sales managers so you can work together to find the ideal solution for your school; you are never too old to learn. Allow us to assist you or be inspired by visiting our Experience Center! In the meantime, you can use our TFD viewer to see what your new TFD floor will look like in your school.

    Your floor, our passion!