Guarantee warrentee:

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TFD Floor Tile Inc. (henceforth TFD) herewith guarantees, when limitations and conditions mentioned here are met, the good quality of its pvc products, with the exception of slight variations in colour, which are techni- cally inevitable, and hidden flaws which do not noticeably lessen the practical value. Should after delivery a situation of uncommon and extraordinary wear of the TFD pvc level flooring occur within the period of war- rantee(see schedule below), TFD will repair or replace that particular part that is subject to uncommon wear. A 10% reduction on the original price of the material will be given from the 1st year ( depending on the quality and application) for each year, or part of the year, that has elapsed since delivery TFD keeps the reservation of a slight difference in colour in the repaired or replaced part.

Guarantee warrentee:

Thickness Wearlayer
TFD Style2,5 MM0.55 MM8 years15 years
TFD Style3 MM0.7 MM10 years15 years
TFD Innovative (Magnetic)3 MM0.7 MM10 years15 years
TFD Connect@ Click Light4.2 MM0.3 MM5 years8 years
TFD Connect@ Click5 MM0.55 MM8 years15 years
TFD Rigid4.2 MM0.3 MM10 years12 years
TFD Rigid5 MM0.55 MM15 years17 years
Complaints concerning shrinkage will only be accepted if the shrinking is more than normal, as described in EN 434 and EN 649.
To the obligations mentioned above we connect the following conditions:
  • Professional replacing of the flooring according to our installation prescription.
  • A proper choice of flooring considering the circumstances.
  • Installation of the TFD pvc on a suitable sub floor, processed according to the installation prescriptions of the glue producer.
  • Professional maintenance and cleaning of the TFD pvc floors, according to our cleaning instructions.
  • No exceeding the limit of dynamic load of 50 kg./cm.
  • Use of desk chairs with seamless wheels of soft plastic of at least 50 mm and a tread width of at leas 20mm in diameter. All this according to DIN 68131 and/or EN 425
  • TDF has permission to inspect the level flooring, its maintenance and condition of cleaning, during office hours, if they deem it necessary.
  • Every claim referring to this guarantee will be dismissed by TFD if damage to the level flooring is caused by burning, scorching ,or exposure to excessive heat, or as a result of contact with chemicals, like e.g. deter- gents that are not advised to use.
TFD accepts no liability for the level flooring supplied other than its responsibility that results from this gua- rantee. TFD is not liable for any financial damage that exceeds the value of the flooring material. We will take care of any renewed installation as well as the costs involved.

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