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  • Heritage Rigid Just Click collection

    This collection is characterised by a warm appearance. The Heritage Rigid Just Click collection emanates a full and rich character thanks to its many shades of colour. This PVC floor will help to add history to your interior. The Heritage collection is a characteristic element and is thus ideal for interiors with rugged and vintage accents, where unexpected combinations are common. This floor is in keeping with the design trend of combining materials like coarse fabrics, nubuck, unfinished wood and various types of natural stone.

    The great thing about this collection is that Heritage Rigid Just Click planks are available in three widths. All three can also be combined to create a dynamic effect in any space. Naturally, it is also possible to select one particular width, which will add a bit more uniformity to your interior.

    The Heritage is also available in the dryback Heritage collection of TFD Floortile.