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    Get to know us better

    Are you also busy all the time? Trying to do things perfectly, making choices, managing your time?

    Many people, many preferences – this is the basic principle that TFD considered when compiling its collection.

    Collections in wood and stone, and in many colours and sizes. From deep warmth and icy cold, to rugged, authentic and homely. Also for a calm basis or country appearance – timeless in every interior. Something for everyone. For people who live life.

    Naturally, easy maintenance is also very important, which is why TFD only produces maintenance-friendly floors. This is done by applying a suitable PU-based top layer during the production process, which means no additional treatments are needed.

    TFD designs each of its collections so they can add character and atmosphere to your home. Collections in wood and stone for every type of interior; something to catch the client’s imagination. This is often possible with the TFD collection.

    TFD is synonymous with exclusivity, and that is a conscious decision. We believe it is important to work side by side, and to encourage enterprise. We are pragmatic and qualified, and are able to act quickly; these qualities allow our partnerships to achieve the very best results. Working together also includes supplying product photos, supporting social media campaigns and creating content for your Instagram or Facebook accounts. Naturally, we are only pleased to help on this front because we want all our proud TFD dealers to maximise their potential.

    Fast 24-hour sample delivery service, clear contact persons in our back office, and a professional field service that is always ready to assist you. After all, has extra knowledge and support ever hurt anyone? We have also developed the TFD viewer especially for our customers. This tool immediately shows you what a floor/design will look like in your specific room. You can find the tool on our website, or can ask our sales managers about the possibilities.

    For instance, your name and details will also be mentioned in the find a dealer section on our website, and future customers will be able to find you even quicker.

    Ask your sales manager about our various packages for becoming a dealer: choose from silver, gold and platinum. Your sales manager will be pleased to explain.

    If you would like to become a new TFD customer, please contact us so we can assist you, or be inspired by visiting our Experience Center! Will you be joining our family?