Magnetic Flooring Design by TFD.

TFD Floortile BV introduces a world premiere, the MFD MAGNETIC floor system in the Netherlands and throughout Europe. TFD is located in Dalfsen (Netherlands) and from there we deliver Europe the worlds first TFD-MFD MAGNETIC flooring systems.

The innovative system of TFD is also a promotion for our entire Design flooring collection. The transfer of the material is a magnetic film, which lies loose on the surface, after which then simply the TFD-MFD PVC design flooring is installed.

The advantages are obvious: * no glue needed, * in many cases there is no equalization required, * no expulsion as a result of moisture, * it is extremely qualified for heavy used areas. In addition, * MFD endures extreme conditions, * fast and clean installation.

This solution is ideal for renovation where there is a hard floor, this often doesn’t need to be demolished, and so the Magnetic Floor Design can be installed directly over the existing floor without damaging the subfloor. Because you don’t work with adhesives you don’t have to wait for drying and you will not need to block areas, this system is also very convenient for shops, hotels, offices, etc.

The existing hard surface does not need to be removed. The laying is fast and simple. In addition, the Magnetic Floor Design panels can simple be removed, and of course also easy be renewed. When replacing a design you can continue to use the magnetic foil. The whole system can be used over and over again.

The system is available and the TFD employees are happy to have you as our valued relationship to present the MFD. We wish you good luck with your projects (personal or business).


Processing advice:
The processing temperature in the room should be at least 18° C at a maximum relative air humidity of 75 %. The floor temperature should also be at least 15° C.

The PVC strips or tiles should be placed on pressure- and tensile-resistant subfloors that are sufficiently smooth and permanently dry. If in doubt, consult our technical sales force.

Before processing, the PVC strips or tiles should be placed in the room in which they are to be installed for at least 24 hours in order to acclimatise.

Make sure the PVC strips or tiles are spread out over the room and, if necessary (only if case of extreme temperature differences), removed from the packaging.

Roll out the magnetic foil properly with the shiny side up and place it at right angles to the strips that are to be processed in the room (to ensure sufficient overlap on the foil), rub it down and roughly cut it to size.

If you are using tiles, place them halfway down the length of the foil to ensure sufficient overlap at the foil’s seams.

Then allow the foil to acclimatise for several hours and cut to size.

Next, measure carefully what is to be your starting point for laying the strips or tiles, so that they can be laid properly and fittingly from the heart of the room towards the walls.

Now the strips or tiles are ready for actual laying; carefully push each one into place next to the previous one.

Finally, you can cut the strips along the sides to size.


Certificate: TÜV Magnetic, Dutch

Certificate: TÜV Fire Magnetic, English


TFD Floortile