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    Maintenance advice
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    A simple tip for cleaning TFD floors.

    As far as TFD floors are concerned, it is important to clean them using a dry method. Brushing or vacuuming is the best way to remove all loose dirt and dust. If the floor is subject to wet cleaning, like with a mop, any loose dirt will become solid dirt.

    PVC offers bacteriostatic properties, which means bacteria cannot multiply on the floor surface. It is no longer necessary to always disinfect the floor because only dry cleaning methods are used.


    The first important step in the cleaning process involves the entrance area; a good entrance mat helps to retain most of the dirt that comes from outside. This helps to significantly reduce maintenance costs and extends the life-span of the floor.

    • Effective periodic maintenance will help to keep the floor looking nice.
    • First cleaning session 48 hours after installation. The floor will be ready to use once it has dried.


    • Remove loose dirt with a vacuum cleaner or a floor wiper.
    • Clean the floor with a wiper system featuring a micro-fibre cloth or, if professional maintenance is carried out, with a cleaning machine.
    • Use a Ph-neutral cleaning product which does not leave a layer of soap. Or alternatively, use a product suitable for PVC floors. We recommend using our in-house brand: the TFD cleaner. For extra advice, please refer to Dr.Schutz – Telephone number: +31 (0)317-745040.
    • Clean the water regularly so stripes or dirt residues are not left behind.
    • Do not use oil-like substances or oil-based solutions.
    • Do not leave puddles of water on the floor; mop them up as soon as possible.
    • Protect the floor by placing felt under the legs of chairs and other furniture.
    • All our floors feature a PU layer, so there is no need to apply an extra polymer layer immediately after the floor has been installed!

    Our floors are easy to maintain. TFD also has its own cleaning product, namely the TFD Cleaner!

    Please contact us if you would like to order this cleaning product.