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  • PTS Paramedisch Trainingscentrum
    PTS Paramedisch Trainingscentrum
    By Vogel Wonen
    Wood Design

    PTS Paramedisch Trainingscentrum

    Sliedrecht-based Vogel Wonen has a mission: helping people to create a beautiful home. They also helped PTS Paramedisch Trainingscentrum by selecting the ideal PVC floor for their training centre,

    where the MAG-RE-10305 from TFD’s old collection was installed. Thanks to this unique magnetic floor system, floors can be simply installed in any space once a magnetic film has been applied.

    The magnetic collections offer effective resistance against intensive use. They are also easy to uninstall, which means floors can easily be moved to another location.

    TFD has 2 magnetic collections, namely the Innovative Register collection and the Innovative Stone collection. These magnetic collections are available in various Register or Stone designs.

    The Innovative Register collection is characterised by a visible and tangible natural wood structure, and the Innovative Stone collection has an authentic natural stone appearance.


    TFD floors are a conscious decision

    • Easy to maintain
    • 100% recyclable
    • Phthalate-free plasticisers
    • Moisture and dirt resistant
    • Noise-reducing
    • Anti-allergic
    • Hard-wearing
    • Suitable for under-floor heating and cooling
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