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    Our PVC products only consist of so-called Virgin PVC’s. They are thus pure, high-grade PVC’s which have not been mixed with lower grade PVC’s. This means these components can definitely be ground and recycled, and used to produce other products.

    Our so-called “self stick method” is another option. We can thus supply almost all our strips and tiles with a self-adhesive under-layer; a so-called acrylate dispersion.
    The advantage of this dispersion is that it can be removed using water and a bit of soap before the PVC is recycled. The PVC strip/tile is also easy to remove without causing damage to the screed, which means repairs do not have to be carried out and primers and levelling products do not have to be used. Naturally, this acrylate dispersion does not contain volatile substances.


    Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Enterprise are part of TFD’s DNA. Rob and Monique have always felt strongly about the environment and our society. You can read more about the subject on this page.