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    Healthy and sustainable

    TFD is fairly well known in the retail sector, and many shops and retail chains are our customers.

    The key words in the retail sector are ‘down-to-earth’, ‘pragmatic’ and ‘fast-acting’. And that describes TFD perfectly.

    TFD’s designs, quality and price are always a decisive factor. Floors must be durable and continue to look nice, while designs must be in keeping with the image that retailers want to portray. TFD and the retail sector have proven to be the perfect match.

    Although PVC is generally regarded as being indestructible, you should still be careful: not all top layers are of the same quality. So be careful which floor you buy, for which space and for which purpose. There is nothing worse than shiny and easily-scratched PVC strips, which fail to do justice to the products displayed on top of them. And if you need shiny strips, TFD can offer a suitable design, without the negative characteristics.

    TFD has been developing PVC strips of the very highest quality for over 20 years. All produced in the best possible manner. The Hot press method offers a number of important advantages. This production method allows you to create stress-free products, which means a glass fleece is not needed to guarantee shape stability. It also makes the recycling process a lot easier. Due to the selected top layer and how the PU is applied, TFD floors are very strong and always retain their matt finish.

    Register embossing is also commonly used, thus further emphasising the natural character.

    Over 200 Dutch designs  have been developed for every idea or concept; they play a decisive role.

    Our wishes are presentiments of the abilities that lie in us, harbingers of what we will be able to accomplish (Goethe)


    If you would like to become a new TFD customer, please contact us so we can assist you, or be inspired by visiting our Experience Center! In the meantime, you can use our TFD viewer to see what your new TFD floor will look like in your company.

    This page also contains a few of our projects in the Retail sector.

    You find a few of our projects in the Retail sector to inspire you!