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  • Ayla Toonen

    Ayla Toonen
    office manager

    This is Ayla Toonen's favorite floor

    AYLA 2

    This is Ayla Toonen's favorite floor

    Ayla is the youngest daughter of Rob and Monique. After she completed her sales training, she started working for a home furnisher. This was not quite her thing after all, which is why she started at TFD.

    Ayla would like to get to know all the departments within TFD, but at the moment she mostly works with Herma and Daena in the office.

    Ayla feels very much at home in the business world and the family business, which has led to the ambition to take over the TFD baton from her parents in the future. At the moment there are plans for a TFD branch in Spain. As a true Spain enthusiast, it is the dream of Ayla and her friend Kay to be able to run the TFD branch in Spain in the distant future.

    Besides her great love Kay, Ayla also has a great love for animals. In her spare time she likes to work with the horses, dogs and of course all other animals that can be found at the Toonen family.

    Ayla chooses Ossis 2 as her favorite floor. The light floor appeals to her because of its timeless and luxurious appearance.