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  • Bernard van der Steen

    Bernard van der Steen

    Dit is de favoriete vloer van Bernard van der Steen

    Bernard team member TFD Floortile website-min

    Dit is de favoriete vloer van Bernard van der Steen

    Bernard went from 20,000 colleagues at his previous employer to 20 colleagues at TFD 😊After 16 years’ experience, firstly at Desso and later at Tarkett, he has more than earned his spurs in the world of floors.

    Bernard is very committed and actually wants to excel in everything he does. This applies to the sports he plays, as well as his work. He always wants to win. This commitment makes Bernard perfect for TFD, where we all passionately pursue the same goal: adopting a conscious approach to offer the highest quality.

    Bernard is a real family man and thus feels at home at a family business like TFD: “Everyone is welcoming and helpful. The lines of communication are short and direct; your questions are answered immediately. We are regularly in contact with one another. And that feels great.”

    When not working as sales manager for TFD, and when not with his family, Bernard tends to enjoy playing sports. Tennis, golf and football are his favourites. He is a goalkeeper coach, which allows him to share his passion for football with youngsters.

    Bernard thinks the Heritage floor is the nicest floor in the TFD collection. This floor is available as a glue-down floor and click floor, and is thus very versatile. The various plank widths and the characteristic designs make this PVC floor unique.