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  • Detlef Osterhoff

    Detlef Osterhoff

    Dit is de favoriete vloer van Detlef Osterhoff

    Detlef Osterhoff TFD Floortile Team Member Duitsland website-min

    Dit is de favoriete vloer van Detlef Osterhoff

    Detlef began as an interior decorator and grow to salesmanager. He works since 2019 for TFD as salesmanager Rayon South / East Germany. It feels like home at TFD.

    He loves the freedom he gets at his work. The help we get from our colleagues is also very good. “Together we made it a succes” says Detlef. 

    Team work is very important for him. People are a must in our branche because often it needs some handwork.

    He gets in balance from the peace from the nature and knows how to handle at stressful situations.

    Detlef likes to ride the bicycle, to walk, skiing and working at his garden. He loves to make some tour rides in South-Germany at his motercycle.

    He likes the concretelook, thats why Concrete 10 is his favorite. Also the Pro+ 1125-2 is one of his favorite TFD floors because of the wood imitation.