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    This is JAN ROUWENDAL's favorite floor

    Jan has been involved in the financial/administrative world since he was 19 years old. As the son of hardworking parents, he has been able to develop as a professional and
    especially as a human. He learned from home that nothing comes naturally. Drive and willpower have brought Jan to where he is now.

    After having worked in various companies, Jan has found his home at TFD. There is a family feeling and team spirit at TFD, a nice club of people who want to achieve something together.
    Jan hopes to add something to the team with his experience. That is what makes Jan happy.

    Jan’s personal interests lie in the field of sports (football, formula-1 and motorsport). Jan is also proud of his wife, children and grandchildren.
    In the spring and summer Jan can mainly be found in his garden and at the fishing water.

    For Jan, the Hungarian Point is the most beautiful PVC floor, this floor is playful and has a natural look.