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  • Harrie van Mierlo

    Harrie van Mierlo
    Salesmanager South-Holland, North-Holland and Utrecht

    This is Harrie van Mierlo's favorite floor

    With over 20 years of experience on the floor as an independent entrepreneur, parquet fitter and commercial manager, Harrie has enough skills and knowledge to start working as our newest sales manager in the West Netherlands region. With a lot of technical and commercial experience, he knows how to provide our customers with advice and assistance.

    Harrie’s motto is ‘everything for the customer, but with a good balance’. According to Harrie, a good relationship is the basis for properly confronting consumers with all the influences that play a role in an increasingly faster-moving market. The fun, interesting and challenging conversations with customers give him satisfaction and energy. Harrie enjoys making a real connection with others, whether at work or in private life, it doesn’t matter to him.

    In his spare time, Harrie tries to attend concerts regularly, but he also really appreciates live music in a jazz café. And as a true Brabander, Harrie naturally leads a Burgundian way of life. He limits sports to an occasional visit to the gym, which he believes is necessary.

    When asked what makes working at TFD so much fun, Harrie is clear; “I am allowed to run my own district with a high sense of responsibility and plenty of room for my own input and initiative. But I can always fall back on my colleagues from the internal and external staff. Isn’t that great?”

    Harrie will undoubtedly find the most beautiful floors from TFD in the new display with large sample boards. The large monster plate tile collection from TFD, which consists of 12 items. According to him, both the colors and the structure are really cool!