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  • Gunther Pique

    Gunther Pique
    Salesmanager North Holland, Utrecht, Flevoland

    This is Gunther Pique's favorite floor

    Gunther Piqué is happy-go-lucky and his arrival added a lot of positivism and enthusiasm to the team at TFD Floortile. Gunther is a real family man, and is the proud father of two children. He loves to joke and always remains himself. He fits in so well because that is what the TFD family is about.  Gunther became passionate about floors in a retail setting and, as sales manager, is able to understand the wishes of his customers. In addition, he was initially a paver (in natural stone), which offered him a decent foundation to build on.

    Gunther immediately felt at home at TFD; “TFD is an effective company; people act quickly and I was given a very warm welcome. And I immediately got on with everyone; and I love that. I appreciate the high-quality, innovative and attractive designs. TFD is a great company, which I have followed for many years, and I am pleased to now be part of it.”

    Something that not everyone knows about Gunther is that he is a passionate dancer. He ran the Salsa Café in Rotterdam, travelled extensively in a dance company and eventually set up Salsa Aerobics, where he teaches in the evening. Things have now come to a standstill due to COVID-19, but he definitely wants to get started again.

    The Heritage collection is Gunther’s favourite TFD floor. The nice design of the various plank widths make this a very attractive and distinctive PVC floor.