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  • Janine Bouwhuis

    Janine Bouwhuis

    Dit is de favoriete vloer van Janine Bouwhuis

    Anyone who has ever visited the showroom of TFD in Dalfsen will have noticed the infectious laugh of Janine Bouwhuis.

    Janine has worked at TFD for over 10 years. She is supported in this role by her two darlings, Mac and (since recently) Sky – her dogs, who always accompany her to the office. As front office manager, she has to juggle many activities and is the point of contact for customers, people in the field service and, in fact, everyone who contacts TFD by phone.

    Janine is extremely driven in her role and gets things done which others cannot. She likes to be of service to others. This is a source of great satisfaction to her. She is very service oriented. The activity on the work floor, and contact with customers, is what makes her job so enjoyable.

    Janine really feels at home at TFD. She briefly left the company in 2016, but really missed the sense of family at TFD, and TFD really missed her, so was thus welcomed back with open arms. And it felt like returning home: “TFD fits like a glove; Rob and Monique really feel like family to me. A home from home. If I was stranded somewhere in the middle of the night, I could give them a call and they would come and get me.”

    Because we are a small team and work together intensively, everyone knows almost everything about one another and that really makes things personal. You can be who you are at TFD: “You can be yourself – whether elated or down in the dumps, and everything in between. We simply accept one another.” You always find a sympathetic ear, also if things are not going well. But there is also a lot of appreciation and recognition among colleagues.

    Because Janine is a real chatterbox, there is probably nothing that the people at TFD do not know about her. A fun fact about Janine is that she always wears something pink every day, and is crazy about (pink) unicorns and Christmas. Even before the summer, she can tell you how many days to go until Christmas.

    Janine’s home features the Style Register 7260-2 by TFD, but if she had to choose another floor at this moment in time, then it would be the Pro+ 14 or a floor from the Heritage series.