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  • Jolanda Marsman

    Jolanda Marsman
    Commercial employee in-house

    This is Jolanda Marsman's favorite floor

    If you contact TFD by phone, you will normally get either Ayla, Marcel or Jolanda on the line. Jolanda has been working in the back office for the past year. She is reliable and accurate, works hard and gives her all if she wants to achieve something. She enjoys being part of various activities from start to finish, and always likes to go that extra mile. Jolanda feels at home in the TFD family: “There is a really nice atmosphere at the company. You are given a lot of freedom in your work, and are able to do many things. We all work very hard but there is also time for humour and enjoyment.”

    Jolanda is a perfectionist, and likes making sure that everyone is happy. She is also caring when it comes to her family, and likes to put others first.

    In addition, Jolanda is also sporty and enjoys playing volleyball, which allows her to relax: “We have a really nice team, which feels like a second family, and we often do fun things together, also away from the volleyball court.”

    Jolanda has installed her favourite TFD floor in her own home: “the HC7260-2, and we are very pleased with it!! Just before I started working for TFD, we had renovated our home and were ready to place a new floor… but the people at TFD said: ‘ we cannot hire people who do not install a TFD floor in their own homes!’