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  • Leo Toonen

    Leo Toonen
    Warehouse Manager

    This is Leo Toonen's favorite floor

    Leo Toonen is Rob’s brother and is literally part of the TFD family. However, he already had a whole working life behind him when he decided to come to TFD. Leo spent over 25 years working in the metal industry and gained a lot of warehouse experience in that time. Firstly as an operative, and later as a manager.

    Leo then embarked on a new adventure at TFD when he was 45 years old. He has been here from the very outset. Firstly on the work floor as upholsterer but, when TFD started to expand quickly, he spent more and more of his time in the warehouse. When the new premises were built over 10 years ago, Leo was responsible for setting up TFD’s whole distribution centre. And he is very happy to still manage it to this day.

    Leo is pleased with the freedom and confidence that he receives from Rob and Monique; “I can actually do whatever I like and am free to come and go as I please. This means I am able to give the best of myself. I think that order and tidiness are very important, and I enjoy sharing ideas.”

    Leo is creative when it comes to devising solutions; “If I see something, I am confident that I can fix it.”
    He can lay bricks, plaster walls, and work with gas, electricity and water; if fact, Leo can fix everything.

    When not at work, Leo likes to spend time with his family. Leo will become a granddad in April, and is really looking forward to it!

    But Leo also loves birds. He started with pigeons a long time ago, but currently keeps canaries. He had four couples at the start of the current breeding season, so can expect a few new arrivals.

    Leo handles many items from the TFD collection each day. However, the Firm collection is his favourite.