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  • Monique Toonen

    Monique Toonen
    Founder / CEO

    This is Monique Toonen's favorite floor

    TFD is a real family business, which was established over 25 years ago by Rob and Monique Toonen. They once worked on the shop floor together and know exactly what customers want; decorative and attractive designs, particularly in combination with quality and practical convenience. Their creativity, in devising solutions that make interiors more appealing and practical, is almost an art form. Rob and Monique jointly represent over 50 years of knowledge and expertise, and that is clearly visible in every facet.

    In all these years, Rob and Monique have always used nature as a foundation. They have always surrounded themselves with an oasis of greenery and a lot of animals, like dogs, cats, pigs and horses. Monique rescued many of their animals from tragic situations. They come from all over the world; these often abused animals were rescued off the street and given a home and a better life. “I feel at ease with animals; they are very pure and honest, which inspires me and keeps me down-to-earth. If you use nature as a basis, you can rely on your instincts.”

    You will also witness this at the TFD Experience Center in Dalfsen. Besides TFD’s fantastically presented new collections, one also sees how nature has served as an inspiration.

    Please feel free to visit the TFD family. We will be pleased to welcome you once you have made an appointment. Our dealers and sales managers are also at your disposal, and can tell you everything about the floor solutions of TFD Floortile.