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  • Rainaldo Koerhuis

    Rainaldo Koerhuis
    Salesmanager North and East Netherlands

    This is Rainaldo Koerhuis' favorite floor

    Rainaldo has been a familiar face in TFD’s field service for over 10 years. A long time ago, he decided to put aside his baking qualifications and gradually developed a passion for floors during a long career in the floor world.

    Rainaldo is very motivated and, as he says himself, is ‘always switched on’. He dedicates his heart and soul to his work. He regards his catchment area as his own company and wants to maximise its potential. Not only for himself and for TFD, but also for his customers. Rainaldo shares his ideas, offers support and advice, and maintains lasting relationships with his customers. “Quite often, instead of work, we end up talking about all kinds of other things. I really value the personal relationships I have established, and they make my work so enjoyable.”

    Rainaldo also shows the same determination in his other great passion: running. He has already run many marathons and still runs at least 10 kilometres at least 3 times a week. Rainaldo always runs in natural surroundings: “Running keeps me fit, allows me to clear my head and gives me great satisfaction.”

    He also sees the same drive in Rob and Monique. This means Rainaldo feels at home at TFD; “We always focus on quality. In addition, I really like the family atmosphere and the short lines of communication at TFD. I work alone in my job as sales manager, but I cannot operate without the support of a fantastic team in the back office: Even the most difficult questions are answered the same day.”

    There are very few things that people at TFD do not know about Rainaldo: “I am an open book and tend to talk a lot ”

    As far as Rainaldo is concerned, TFD’s best floors are definitely in the Firm collection, with the Firm 6 being his personal favourite. Rainaldo thinks the different shades of colour in this natural-looking floor are truly phenomenal.