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  • Ralph Beeking

    Ralph Beeking
    Allround employee

    This is Ralph Beeking's favorite floor

    Ralph likes to share his love for dogs with the TFD family. He once worked for the air force as a guard and dog handler.  Besides surveillance, he was also responsible for caring for and training the dogs. That is where Ralph met his girlfriend Chantal, who is the daughter of Monique and Rob. And when Rob and Monique purchased a completely run down boat, Ralph worked with Rob to completely build and renovate it. They spent almost a year working together on this project. Ralph then decided to continue working at TFD in the warehouse. He loves to work with his hands. Ralph is also TFD’s expert when it comes to installing Mozenzi: a unique wall decoration product by TFD, which offers thousands of creative possibilities.

    Ralph is currently producing a video for the website, and is using a drone to record the images. He can operate the drone very accurately, and is editing the video personally.

    Barbecues are one of Ralph’s other passions, and he specialises in low and slow cooking. However, meat sometimes has to stay on the barbecue for 6 hours. He particularly enjoys cooking rump (picanha) or cook fresh salmon.

    Ralph’s favourite floor is in the Experience collection of TFD. He really likes the appearance and colour of the Experience 3 and 4.