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  • Sanne Lommen

    Sanne Lommen

    Dit is de favoriete vloer van Sanne Lommen

    Sanne had already gained 8 years of marketing experience before Monique and Wilco asked her to come and work for TFD. Thanks to her marketing know-how, she is able to help TFD realise its objectives and goals in the field of marketing. Her activities tend to vary greatly. This is something that Sanne loves; it makes her job as Marketing Manager at TFD really enjoyable. I love being thrown into the deep end, and then working hard to create something really nice: “I like working with people; working together allows you to get the best results.” Sanne believes it is very important to have freedom and diversity in her job. This includes B2B and B2C marketing, DTP work, website development and content for the social media channels.

    “I like the short lines of communication and the informal atmosphere. I also enjoy the freedom I am given in my role. All colleagues are appreciated for their talents; I think this is great and it helps to create a really nice atmosphere.”

    Sanne is adventurous and loves travel and nature. She likes discovering new places, new worlds and new cultures, and also likes meeting new people. She enjoys going for walks, and likes the fantastic colours, sounds and animals one encounters in nature. Sanne is also a true music enthusiast and likes going to a concert or festival every month. This gives her a chance to let her hair down, dance and sing! She hopes that such things will be possible again very soon.
    Sanne is also a real family person, and wants to spend as much time as possible with them: being together, and enjoying fantastic moments!

    As far as Sanne is concerned, her favourite floors are the Experience 3 and the Heritage 2 due to their colour and character. But she thinks the Ossis 4 herringbone PVC floor is also very nice.