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    TFD Viewer
    Get to know us better

    Visualize a TFD floor in your own interior with the new TFD Viewer

    TFD Viewer

    A digital tool that makes it easier to visualise a floor in your own interior. This is a handy feature when selecting the right floor, certainly in the current climate, when it is difficult to visit the shops in person.

    Dealers can also use it to offer better service and advice to their customers. Because real-life photos can be used, of rooms where the selected floors will be installed, it is possible to gain a realistic insight into the final result and overall appearance of the interior.

    The TFD Viewer is easy to use and can be found on our website or by scanning the QR code with your mobile phone. You will then be automatically taken to the TFD Viewer. You can choose one of the sample rooms or can upload your own photo. You can then select your floor from the TFD collection and play around with the various possibilities, in terms of colours, designs and installation patterns. Your favourite result can then be easily sent to your TFD dealer and shared with your family or friends.

    Can you not wait to use this tool? Then immediately click the button to visualise your new TFD floor in your own interior.

    How does it work?

    Open the TFD Viewer

    Upload your own photo or choose one of our sample rooms.

    Design your floor

    Play with the different options in terms of floors, colors and patterns.

    Share your creation!

    Happy with your design? Share it with friends or family or send it directly to your TFD dealer!