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    Tourism, Recreation and Hospitality
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    “Save money and live better”

    People want quality in order to maximise their experience of the moment. Are there any more diverse sectors than yours? Your sector can probably make the most of the over 200 TFD designs.

    For instance, a restaurant may want the luxury appearance of the Hungarian Point or the herringbone, while a tea room may opt for one of the older wooden floors. And a hotel, which wants a textile look while retaining the practical convenience of easy-to-clean PVC floors, may opt for our Woven L+ collection.

    Several players in your sector have been customers of ours for many years; see the project references page. They prefer high quality without unnecessary problems.

    ‘Quality’ means products that retain their shape without using glass fleece; something our products do not need. This is better for the product and better for the environment. Matt top layers, so products are the centre of attention rather than the overly shiny floor. Many elegant possibilities for every conceivable purpose. The floors are also ideal for bathrooms, toilets and residential kitchens.

    If you would like to become a new TFD customer, please contact us so we can assist you, or be inspired by visiting our Experience Center! In the meantime, you can use our TFD viewer to see what your new TFD floor will look like in your company.

    This page also contains a few of our projects in the Tourism, Recreation and Hospitality sector.

    You find a few of our projects in the Tourism, Recreation and Hospitality sector to inspire you!