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    Get to know us better

    Who is TFD Floortile?

    TFD Floortile has a great reputation, both nationally and internationally. TFD Floortile is based in Dalfsen (Netherlands), from where we deliver to the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Only the best is good enough.

    The TFD team consists of 17 employees and is split up into departments; board, marketing, sales, back office, finance and the warehouse. Are you curious about the TFD team? Then quickly view this page and find extra information about the TFD Team.

    A genuine family business

    TFD Floortile BV is an expanding family business in the world of high quality PVC floors. The founders are Rob Toonen, who has 35 years’ experience as a floor specialist, and his wife Monique Toonen, who oversees the company as managing director. The company is a total supplier in the professional and private markets, and supplies exclusive PVC floors in designs that vary from wood and marble to carpet and mosaic.  Great emphasis is placed on innovation. From its divisions in the Netherlands and Germany, TFD Floortile BV is conquering the European market at an ambitious tempo. The key to this success appears to be a combination between passion for offering added value to customers and, in simple terms: “doing what you say and saying what you do”. This combination is reflected in the company’s employees, the fantastic showroom, the transparent work space, the choice of honestly produced materials, and the sleek warehouse. In short, every aspect of the company. This combination of passion and level-headedness makes TFD Floortile BV a distinctive company, as a supplier and as an employer.

    In the Netherlands, a team of 17 professionals works together based on personal responsibility, authenticity and a shared passion for putting the customer first. At TFD Floortile BV, working together…

    …  based on personal responsibility means being hands-on, having a proactive mindset, pursuing a high level of quality, and not being afraid to ask questions, call others to account or request assistance from colleagues or managers: this is also part of being responsible.

    …  based on authenticity means that you show who you are, in terms of talents and weaknesses. This makes you accessible to colleagues and you can simply say what you mean in an open and direct culture. This gives people confidence and puts them at their ease, and makes them realise that people are prepared to fight for one another.

    … based on a shared passion for putting the customer first means that you truly want to learn more about customers, based on genuine interest in others, so that you can really offer added value. And this also means: continuing to develop your personal capacities and always looking for new possibilities – like an ‘entrepreneur’ within the company.

    This means working together is perceived as being part of a well-oiled machine, where: 1+1=3. This is a distinctive approach. Work thus no longer feels like work, but more like a way of life.  And that is something we are proud of!

    Organisation competences of TFD Floortile BV:

    1. Commitment: “Show commitment to the core task of the organisation, and to own area of expertise and profession; able to transfer this sense of commitment to others”.
    2. Initiative (autonomy, proactive behaviour): “Be alert to opportunities, new situations or problems, and respond to them as soon as possible. Identify problems or obstacles, and resolve them as quickly as possible”.
    3. Focus on innovation/renewal: “Use an inquisitive and curious spirit to focus on future developments in strategy, products, services, markets, etc.”


    We have no open vacancies at this moment in time.  Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page or this page for the latest vacancies.

    However, you can always submit an open application. You can send this open application to Monique .



    We are an approved work training company and are affiliated to SBB. We enjoy offering interns guidance in various fields within our organisation. We have no internship opportunities this moment in time. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page (insert link) or this page for the latest internship opportunities.