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  • lvt fix 1.8
    the subfloor of TFD

    Product specifications

    • Total thickness 1.8 mm
    • Sizes 1m X 6,5m
    • Content 6,4 m2

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    Are you looking for strips to place between your PVC floor? Then we can offer you 4 types of strips! They are available in black, grey, silver and brown.

    Are you looking for a roller adhesive to firmly glue your PVC floor to the sub-floor? Then TFD has developed a special roller adhesive for you! This applies to existing (levelled) concrete floors as well as sub-floors.

    LVT FIX 1.8

    This 1.8 mm sub-floor forms a solid basis for our collection of PVC floors. The PVC planks feature a self-adhesive side, which means they can be installed immediately. This sub-floor also creates a level foundation, whereby imperfections of under 0.3 mm do not have to be levelled. This means floors can be installed easily in most spaces.

    Besides noise reduction of 15 db, thermal resistance and protection against moisture, this sub-floor has an excellent dynamic load. The LVT FIX is also perfect in combination with underfloor heating.