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    Floors have an impact on people’s emotions. TFD perfectly understands that the design and colour of floors has an emotional impact on the people who use or walk over them. TFD will assist you with ideas for your clients. We use the Hot press production method, which means our PVC strips are very strong and retain their shape. This is necessary because our products are really put to the test in the healthcare sector.

    We apply a sustainable top layer, which means maintenance is very easy. We also consider requirements for daily and periodic maintenance, so that is one less thing for you to worry about. Another advantage of working with TFD is that our sustainable top layers, and our factory-applied PU layers, help to create a very nice matt appearance. This matt appearance is only possible with this combination of layers. This offers your client extra benefits because care workers do not have to worry about slippery patches on the floor.

    In short, TFD not only helps you with practical issues, but also allows you to create better and more appealing rooms for users.

    If you would like to become a new TFD customer, please contact us so we can assist you, or be inspired by visiting our Experience Center!


    This page also contains a few of our projects in the Healthcare sector.

    You find a few of our projects in the Healthcare sector to inspire you!