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    Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Enterprise are part of TFD’s DNA

    Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Enterprise are part of TFD’s DNA. Rob and Monique have always felt strongly about the environment and our society. They have always been given the very highest priority ever since TFD was founded. As a result, TFD only supplies completely safe PVC floors featuring the required safety certificates (DiBt Ü-Zeichen certificate & CE certification from TÜV Rheinland), which means they comply with the strictest norms. When producing our products, this is, for example, reflected in our choice of pure raw materials (inc. pthalate-free).


    People and Nature

    Our desire to care for people is also clearly reflected in the working conditions that we provide to all our employees. TFD wants to stay away from the dangerous game played by discounters, and the poor quality they deliver, by offering a quality guarantee.  “We will only offer something if it is good, otherwise we won’t bother.” This means TFD is progressive and 100% reliable. The aim is to minimise damage caused to the environment; after all, TFD is passionate about nature.

    100% Recyclable

    TFD products only consist of so-called Virgin PVC’s. They are thus pure, high-grade PVC’s which have not been mixed with lower grade PVC’s. This means, for example, that these components can definitely be ground and recycled, and used to produce other products.


    TFD places great emphasis on using energy efficiently, and actively takes measures to reduce the consumption of energy, electricity and gas. Energy labels are also taken into account when expanding or replacing the company’s fleet of (leased) vehicles.

    TFD wants to use corporate social responsibility and sustainable enterprise to make a short- and long-term contribution to our society and the environment.