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  • Preston Palace all-inclusive Family Resort
    Preston Palace all-inclusive Family Resort
    By Ter Horst Woondekor
    Style Register 7260-3
    Dry back, Rigid Just Click and Magnetic
    Wood look

    Preston Palace all-inclusive Family Resort

    Preston Palace is a unique All-Inclusive Family Resort in the Netherlands. Unlimited pleasure from deluxe All-in concept and a surprising number of facilities. One of the restaurants features the Style Register 7260-3 PVC floor by TFD Floortile.

    Ter Horst Woondekor was responsible for installing the Style Register 7260-3 at this 600 m2 restaurant. The Style Register collection by TFD is characterised by its natural appearance. The structure of this PVC floor collection can barely be distinguished from natural materials. This is because a special technique has been used for these planks, namely Register Embossing. This involves giving the top layer a structure which is identical to the design drawing. As a result, you can see and feel the relief as if it was a real wood floor. Every grain and knot of the design can be witnessed in the structure of the Style Register planks. These designs are also available in the Style Register Rigid Just Click collection (insert link) and the Innovative Magnetic collection (insert link) of TFD Floortile.


    TFD floors are a conscious decision

    • Easy to maintain
    • 100% recyclable
    • Phthalate-free plasticisers
    • Moisture and dirt resistant
    • Noise-reducing
    • Anti-allergic
    • Hard-wearing
    • Suitable for under-floor heating and cooling

    Pictures from this project: